What VCs look for when it comes to IP

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VCs and IP – what are they looking for?

Sandy Reid is Deputy Fund Principal at Mercia Asset Management, a VC with around a £billion of assets under management. She talks to us about VCs and IP and tells us what they really care about when it comes to Intellectual Property.

If you need help getting your IP ready for investment – get in touch

If you’re an IP rich business and looking to secure investment then this episode is loaded with value for you.  Sandy is an investor with a lot of experience and was also the other side of the deal when she founded and scaled her own IP rich business from a university spin-out – a business that is still going strong today.

Among other things, we talk about:

  • How to access Mercia, whether through their website applications process or getting live feedback over the phone through the hugely popular ‘Meet the Funder’ program
  • What VCs are looking for in terms of IP
  • How important IP is in different sectors
  • How important are intangible assets in software businesses?
  • How clued up are investors when it comes to IP?
  • Should you do some freedom to operate work in preparation for investment?
  • The importance of making sure your patents actually cover your products
  • The relationship between universities, founders and VCs and how it can go wrong
  • How getting your IP in good shape has a big impact on your credibility with VCs

A must listen if you’re looking to gain investment for your tech business.

Sandy can be reached through LinkedIn and you can access Mercia through their website.