We help tech SMEs use IP to increase their valuation

We help you implement an IP strategy that will get you a higher valuation at investment or exit. We do all the legwork so you get an impressive IP strategy and an outstanding IP portfolio that will really impress investors.

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What we do

In-House Support

Create and implement an IP strategy that will impress investors. We will deliver all your internal IP needs and get you patents and trademarks when you need them.

  • A higher valuation for your business
  • Free up your time to do what you do best
  • An IP expert who is an extension of your team
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Patent Portfolio

If you already know that you need patents then we will help you get them. Say goodbye to jargon and say hello to quality patent work at fixed prices.

  • No wasted time reading jargon-filled emails
  • Great value and no budget overrun
  • Expert advice you can rely on
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A less traditional approach

We deliver in-house IP expertise to you in manageable chunks, tailored to meet your needs and budget. Sure, we can get you patents, but the advice we give goes much deeper. It helps you demonstrate an impressive IP strategy, effectively implemented and adding to your business valuation.

About Us


“As our part-time Head of IP, Matter provides exactly what we need. Viritech exists to create and license valuable IP and Stephen manages all internal and external processes for us. 

Using his expertise to establish protocols that make every member of our team aware of the importance of creating and protecting IP.”

“Matter are more than just an external advisor and are happy to come into our business and help us develop our internal systems so we know that our IP is well managed and we can make sure we get the maximum value from our IP budget. They provide us with clear and pragmatic advice without any of the jargon or price uncertainty that we’ve experienced elsewhere.

“We really love the proactive approach the team at Matter takes. They have great commercial knowledge and I trust them to get the job done for us in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

Timothy Lyons 
CEO, Viritech

Alan Rock
Founder & co-CEO, Moasure

Ryan Stockett 
Director of IP, Continuous Composites