What an acquirer wants from your IP – Georgina Wilkins

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Acquirers want to see you IP ucks in a row

What acquirers want from your IP

Georgina Wilkins is Head of IP Strategy at Hitachi Energy and in this episode of Where’s the Exit, tells us what acquirers want from your IP. 

Over a number of years Georgina has been involved in due diligence around IP before investing in or acquiring a tech business.  She talks about how to build your IP portfolio and present it in due diligence so as to maximise your valuation.  How to get your IP ducks in a row.

  • Do you understand what your investor/acquirer wants?
  • Do you know what IP you have?
  • Do you know its value?
  • Does your IP align with the value in your business?
  • What if you’ve done nothing with your IP?
  • Is IP respected in your business in respect of contracts with suppliers, customers, collaborators and employees
  • Do you manage unregistered IP?
  • Have you understood and managed IP risks, in particular freedom to operate?  This is probably more important to your acquirer than it is to you.

The views Georgina expresses in the show are her own and not those of her employer, Hitachi Energy.

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