Understanding government funded business support

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Jane Galsworthy is the MD of Oxford Innovation Advice, which provides publicly funded business support to UK startups and SMEs. She helps us understand the national picture of what support is available to UK businesses. What does good look like and where can you get it.

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In this episode I discuss the landscape of UK government funded advice and support for tech SMEs with Jane Galsworthy.  It’s a complicated world but Jane has been around it for a long time and understands it better than anyone.  She has designed support programs for business and helped shape national policy – always providing insightful comment on LinkedIn.

We talk about what good should look like for government support and identify 3 key areas

  • Good business and strategic planning
  • Help with innovating and bringing ideas to market
  • Access to finance

We talk through each of these and set out how businesses can access the support as startups and scale-ups.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Jane then her Linkedin profile is below, along with the URL for Oxford Innovation Advice.