How to manage trade secrets with Donal O’Connell

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Donal is one of the world’s foremost experts in this area and takes us through practical tips on how to manage trade secrets.  How tech companies can unearth them and manage them effectively to generate value in their business.

Donal takes us through

  • What are trade secrets?
    • Business information that is secret, has commercial value and that you’ve made reasonable efforts to keep secret
  • Where will you find them in your business?
  • Why should tech leaders bother with trade secrets?  
  • What’s the risk if you don’t manage them?
  • Managing trade secrets is a journey and a change project
  • But there are key steps to take
    • Give basic trade secrets education to your staff, starting with the leadership
    • Generate a trade secret policy setting out how you want to handle them
    • Have a process to identify, assess the value of and protect your trade secrets
    • Document and catalogue your trade secrets
    • Make sure its someone’s responsibility within your business

A great episode that really helps businesses understand the path to getting their trade secrets under control and generating maximum value from them.

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