How can tech SMEs use trademarks?

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How can tech SMEs use trademarks when they’re starting out or growing?  Like all IP, this can be a confusing for business leaders. Matt Sammon takes us through everything you need to do from start-up to exit.

Matt Sammon has a heap of experience advising all sorts of clients about effective protection and enforcement of their trademarks.  In this episode of Where’s the exit? Matt answers the question: how can tech SMEs use trademarks?  He covers everything that a tech business needs to consider from before launch, right up to a more mature trademark strategy that prepares your business for exit.  What does it make sense to do and what can you safely leave till later.

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Main points

  • Trademarks are as much about making sure you can use your brands as it is about stopping others
  • Get advice early, while you’re naming your business to make sure that the name is free to use
  • Register your company name at least and then discuss what you need for the next few years – it’s probably not a lot
  • You might well be able to delay filing in other countries
  • As you grow, stay in touch with your trademark attorney to make sure you still have the right approach as the business changes
  • Watch what others are filing in other countries
  • You can learn more about Matt on his LinkedIn profile and the webiste of his business, Sonder & Clay – both links below

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