Why you should keep a register of all your IP

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What’s in this episode?

Donal O’Connell has been managing IP for the last 20 years and in this episode talks to me about why you need to have a register of intangible assets and how to put one together.

Whether it’s trade secrets, patents, NDAs, trademarks, designs, agreements, know-how, data or anything else, intangible assets and the IP that they give rise to are very broad and cover all departments of your business.  Getting a handle on all these different assets and managing them centrally cannot be done without some sort of register.

Donal O’Connell was previously VP of IPR at Nokia and now runs his own IP firm that provides one such register specifically aimed at the SME market.  In this episode, Donal discusses the breadth of intangible assets and why your business needs to log them so that they can be managed effectively and risks to your business can be offset.  As Donal says, “you can’t do this on the back of a cigarette packet.”

Among other things, we talk through

  • What is an intangible asset?
  • What risks are you exposed to if you don’t manage intangible assets properly?
  • What are the benefits of managing intangible assets in a register?
  • Why using specifically designed software trumps using a spreadsheet
  • What to do to get started

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