What start-ups should do with their IP

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What start-ups should do with their IP – Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman gives us his view on the benefits of getting in-house IP support and what tech start-ups should be doing with their IP.

Alan has worked as in-house Intellectual Property and Patent Counsel for a number of different businesses, both large multinationals and UK start-ups.  He is currently in-house IP Counsel with a large UK e-commerce business.  He’s also worked in different firms of Patent Attorneys both large and small.  That breadth of experience gives a unique perspective on the role of IP Counsel and external IP providers and what it makes sense to do with your IP as a tech start-up.

Topics discussed include

  • The difference between having someone in-house compared to having an external advisor
  • How to get an in-house experience from your external advisors
  • What are the things that tech start-ups should do really early on with their IP?
  • What actually is an IP strategy?  What does that term really mean?
  • How often should you update your IP strategy?
  • When getting support for that, choose an attorney who enjoys understanding business and business strategy
  • What should tech start-ups do around IP risk?
  • How to streamline freedom to operate work to make sure you’re not infringing someone else’s IP  

You can reach Alan through his LinkedIn profile

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