R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box

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R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box – Angela Browning


R&D Tax Credits is one of those things that a lot of businesses think they have sorted, but they actually don’t.  And Patent Box seems never to have taken off and provided the benefits it was supposed to for all but a few businesses. As a tech SME you need to get proper advice to submit the most effective claims in both of these areas, but there are some things that you need to know as the leader of the business so that you make sure you’re managing things well.

Angela Browning takes us through things so you know everything you need to.

On R&D Tax Credits

  • How the view of HMRC is evolving all the time and businesses need to keep on top of the situation
  • What is R&D and are you actually doing it?
  • What should a new start-up do to put themselves in the best position to make their first claims?
  • Will grant funding mean you can’t make an R&D Tax Credit claim?
  • Will my client contracts mean I can’t make a claim?

On Patent Box

  • This is more of a “minority sport”
  • You need to be profitable to claim it
  • How will your company structure affect your claim?
  • It works for a few, but it’s not broadly applicable


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