Diversity Equity & Inclusion in law firms – Meredith Struby

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In this episode of Where’s the Exit, I speak to Meredith Struby about Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI).  Meredith is Managing Partner of Meunier, Carlin & Curfman LLC, an Intellectual Property firm in Atlanta, Georgia.  Meredith has been working with her team to create a new type of law firm where everyone can feel free to speak out and feel psychologically safe at work.

DEI is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the legal sector in Europe and the USA.  Many partnerships are dominated by white males.  They do not reflect the diversity that we see in the world around us.  They can also create cultures where it’s harder for non-dominant groups to get ahead.  The legal sector struggles with this more than most and has been sluggish to see real change.  IP firms are no exception. 

Meredith and I talk about

  • What is DEI?
  • What are the benefits to firms of working on this?
  • Why should clients care that the firms they’re using are more diverse, equitable and inclusive?
  • Why it’s important to talk about this even if it’s hard and scary?
  • How can law firms start to get better at DEI?
  • Whose responsibility is DEI?
  • What have Meredith and her team been doing to implement this at their firm and what benefits have they seen?

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